Owl Eyes at the NCTE Convention

Owl Eyes NCTE Entrance to the Exhibit Hall

We were lucky to be able to launch Owl Eyes for Teachers in tandem with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) 2015 Convention in Minneapolis, MN!

We had a ton of fun and connected with some truly passionate teachers. We can’t thank you enough for a perfect event, and the amazing feedback we received on our classroom annotation and assignment tools.

If you weren’t able to connect with us at the conference (we don’t blame you…information and event overload!), but are interested in learning more about implementing Owl Eyes for your classroom, send Natalie a quick note at nsaaris@owleyes.org or visit owleyes.org to create your free teacher account.

why i teach collageThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Teacher2Teacher wanted to know #WhyITeach.

booth collageThe Owl Eyes Nest Booth where we shared our new, free classroom annotation tools!

book collageYou told us your favorite books you teach. We enjoyed finding some news books to check out, and loved that many of you couldn’t pick just one!

IMG_8119Samantha and Natalie taking a selfie with Speaker and Educator Charles Youngs.

IMG_8117Our hotel room was stuffed to the brim with BRIGHT yellow goodies.

The Owl Eyes team (Alex, Samantha, and Natalie) all smiles, meaning this was definitely taken post-caffeination (thanks, Heinemann Publishing for the free java!).

IMG_8009Until next time, NCTE!

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